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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is well.

Wondering where the members are getting the 2nd service done and for how much.

My 1.4 petrol has done 25k miles and going to complete 4 years next month.

Called Audi and they are saying 430 for service and 50 for mot. I guess once I go there they will find something to bump this price.

Halfords site says 220 odd.

Just confused on should I suck it up and go for audi or get it done at halfords or kwikfit. Dont really know any good independent reliabke garage near Harrow.

Hope to hear soon.


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Certainly don't go near Audi for the service - as you will pay for the privilege. (i.e. flashy showroom, free coffee / soft drink / water) - and as you say you can guarantee they will find something wrong.

Your car is out of warranty, so just find a local independent garage - preferably one that specialises in Audi / German cars. They should be able to do the service for about half the price that Audi charge. If you were in the East Midlands, I could recommend such a garage near Derby.

To quote a good friend who is a VW Sales Manager at a big dealership "We love getting you in for a service - it's our chance to tell you your brakes / tyres / whatever are [f word], whilst you're surrounded by shiny new cars." It's also no mistake that pre-pandemic, the Service Reception desks were generally at the back of the Showroom, so you have to walk past all the shiny new cars. Temptation.

The said friend also got me an amazing deal on my Q2, as he referred me to the Audi Sales Manager in the dealership over the road from the VW one (both part of the same group). I basically got a staff deal on the Q2 & over 拢3k less than Derby Audi's "there is no money in this deal" quote. He also got me the Audi Service Plan for 拢249 which covers the first two services as & when the car indicates they are needed. My Q2 is a year old now with 5.5K on the clock (yes, blame pandemic working from home) & no service indicator yet.

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I would go to a reputable indi garage Halfrauds and Kwikfit would be the last place I take it, I have heard loads of incidents with both or these outlets basically trying to con people into replacement components that do not need doing, I know there franchises so will vary.
I thought Audi did discounted services for Audis for more than three years old?

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The fixed cost for the oil and inspection service with pollen filter should be 拢320 according to Audi web site fixed price for cars over 3 years old. Also push them to match the prices you get from independents as they will do this in most cases, especially as they need the business. I've found main dealers are not that much more than independents, so don't dismiss them without asking for a better price.

Good luck
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