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hi guys, i'm going to change my brushed aluminum trim with rgb ones.
I found everything you need at a low price and I also have the codes in VCDS to activate the functions on the MMI.
the problem is the connectors of the RGB LEDs.
Where should they be connected? how should they be powered?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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You cant buy the centre console illumination from Audi separately, you need to buy a full console and they are about 拢300 for the console alone.

Console is (RHD) 81A863244MESK

Dash strip is part number is (RHD) 81C853189EYB5

Then you need all of the fibre optic conductors and wiring looms

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First of all I wish you good luck in you process, and I hope it has already been completed.

I'm a new Audi Q2 owner, and I was looking for a guide or a website that I can get the Ambient Ligh RGB Retrofit kit. Can you please kindly inform me of the steps that has been done, and the resource that I can get the parts from.

I have 09/2017 Audi Q2 1.4 150 Hp - CZE engine - Design.

Thanks in Advance.
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