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Hi All

Allow me to introduce you to my new Q2 - I picked it up this morning.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille

I've only driven it back from the dealers (it's far too wet today to get it mucky), but so far, I like it. The Ara Blue is an amazing colour and the 1.4 cylinder on demand engine is really peppy.

I'll have a proper play with the kit tomorrow, but in case you're interested the spec is:

  • 1.4 TFSI
    Ara Blue
    Manhatten grey C-blade
    Technology pack
    LED interior light pack
    Aluminium inlays
    Folding door mirrors with auto dimming
    Auto-dimming rear view mirror
    Park Assist
    Audi Side Assist and Cross Traffic Rear Assist
    Rear view camera
    Hill hold assist
For some reason, the car has also come loaded with the Advanced Driver Assist pack, yet I've only paid for the elements I wanted - the Park Assist and Audi Side Assist and Cross Traffic Rear Assist.

Hope to see some of you out on the road in yours soon.



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Thanks for the photos - the colour looks superb. Nice to get more than you paid for on the options with a swift £1000 saving - I've ordered the Driver Assistance Pack (Advanced) but will be having to pay full whack for it! :D
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