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Has anyone had an issue with Audi Pre Sense?

A couple of weeks ago I was slowing down around 10 metres from a junction with lights on red… a car was in the right hand lane and a pedestrian on the pavement… the car emergency braked to a complete standstill. There was ample space in my lane to pull up to the lights. I'm guessing it thought the gap was tight between the car in the right hand lane and the kerb (also taking into account the pedestrian). If there was a car behind me though they could quite easily have hit me. The message on the dashboard just stated Audi Pre Sense… as if boasting at what a good job it had done! Or not.

I have had one other occasion about a month ago when the message momentarily appeared… that was with a car in front turn left thinking maybe I was going to hit it? It didn't brake though.

Will see how it goes.
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