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As of June 2016, the Q2 and other compact models from Audi will all come with a new anti-allergen filter in the air conditioner unit. This traps not only fine dust and harmful gases from the air, but also makes a large part of all allergens harmless. Audi is setting in the premium compact segment a new global standard.

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This is available in two versions, each consisting of three layers. The special feature is found in the new outer support layer, which additionally has now an anti-allergy effect. A variant reduces allergens by means of plant bioactive substances called polyphenols - while they attach themselves to the receptors of the allergens. In the other a change in the protein structure achieves the desired effect. Independent testing of specialized test institutes such as SGS Fresenius, which examines the allergenic properties, and fiatec GmbH, which checks the filter characteristics, confirmed the efficacy of the new filter by Audi.

The two previously existing layers contribute significantly to high indoor air quality. The filtration layer is made up of special microfibers and also brings smallest dust particles from the air. In the activated carbon layer, gaseous impurities are deposited.

Extensive measurements demonstrate the high efficiency of the filter system. The arrangement of layers allows over lifetime excellent values for the separation and the air flow rate of the air conditioner.


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