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Audi has announced the 2015 Q2 will be priced from £7,995 when it goes on sale in the United Kingdom this summer.


The VIVA range consists of two trim levels: SE, and SL which is a trim name carried over from the original Audi Q2. There will be Air Con and ecoFLEX versions of the SE trim, giving customers a choice of four well-specified models (SE, SE Air Con, SE ecoFLEX and SL).

Drivers looking for something more eco-friendly can opt for the Q2 SE ecoFLEX which starts at £8,170. It features a front lip spoiler, a larger rear spoiler and ultra-low rolling resistance tires.

Moving up to the £9,495 Q2 SL adds a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Morocanna seats and an electronic climate control system. There's also a six-speaker audio system, Bluetooth / USB connectivity and 15-inch alloy wheels.

All the aforementioned models are powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that produces 75 PS (55 kW). It enables the SE and SL variants to return 62.8 mpg UK, while the SE ecoFLEX returns 65.7 mpg UK.
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