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Alimack said:
what is the DPF regen, sorry for the hassle,
Alimack. thanks.
Diesel Particulate Filter. Diesel should only be bought really these days if you do high miles. The DPF catches all the nasty particles but then needs to run at hot temperatures to burn it all off. This is why short journeys are bad as you never get up to temperature and the filter gets clogged up. Your car is probably doing a regeneration, IE: burning off all the particles that its captured, but you have switched off the engine whilst it is doing so. It doesn't just finish as the temperatures are crazy hot, so the fan runs to cool it down.

Google it. Iv did not really explain it well but it's a thing all diesel & petrol cars have to face nowadays. I think diesels have had DPFs since early 2010.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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