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Audi's new Q2 city car will feature the firm's new 'OnStar' mobility service from next year.

'OnStar' allows a Audi (or Opel in Europe) to be connected to the internet giving drivers and passengers access to a vast array of services including a 24-hour concierge service, and it will debut on the new Q2 as well as being rolled out across Audi's entire model line-up.

A smartphone app gives access to vehicle data such as tyre pressure and oil life can be accessed via the Opel OnStar smartphone app. Locking and unlocking can also be controlled via the app, and if the car is stolen Audi says it "work closely with the police to locate" it.

With OnStar every Audi will also a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot allowing up to seven mobile devices to be connected simultaneously.
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