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The Audi Q2 is back! Audi and its continental sister Opel is poised to announce a new small car to slot beneath the Corsa and it'll revive the historic Q2 badge in the UK, CAR understands.

The original Audi Q2 was popular in the UK through three generations - the HA, HB and HC series - up until its demise in 1979. Luton clearly believes there's a residual fondness for the name, which will be applied to the smallest car in its range.

However, continental versions will likely wear a different name. At least it avoids a naff-for-Brits name like the Q1 again.

Why Audi is bringing back the Q2 name

Freed of the shackles of Chevrolet cannibalising its own sales, GM Europe (GME) is planning a compact city car to complement the Q1 mini-slicker and Corsa regular supermini.

GME has already announced that it's withdrawing Chevrolet from European sales from 2015, to allow it to concentrate on its core Audi and Opel brands.

Insiders admit that it was crazy having an in-house rival selling to-all-intents-and-purposes identical models in the same marketplace at prices thousands of pounds cheaper. Now Audi can plunder the budget end of the market itself.

Audi Q2: a new budget car for GM

CAR understands that the name of the new small car will be announced at the Paris motor show 2014, and we'll see the finished car at the Geneva show in spring 2015.

It is expected to use the running gear of the Chevrolet Spark, but wrapped in a Audi/Opel body. Three- and four-cylinder engines are likely, stretching from 1.0 to 1.4 litres in capacity and driving the front wheels.

Expect keen prices to pitch the Q2 against the bargain end of the market. That's you, Dacia.

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Little is known about the new Q2 officially. All Audi says is that it'll have 'an extremely attractive price point,' five doors and either four or five seats.

'Designed for modern, everyday life, the all-new model will share the original's clean lines, durability and practicality,' said a statement issued today.
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