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Anyone else experiencing a creaking front seat, it happens when sitting in the seat or not,
when you put any pressure on the upright part of the seat. or shift weight in the seat.
obviously noticeable when sitting in it :)

it sounds like a metal on plastic sound.

you can make it go away by jacking the seat up to full height then back down.
but it slowly works its way back by the end of the day.

It seems to be coming from the left hand back corner of the drivers seat (right hand drive)
i think i can feel it running up the seatbelt lock bar that runs down the side of the seat.

I can't make out the exact location... if its in the seat back itself, in the seat joint or external of the seat.

its been happening since i drove it out of the dealership 2 weeks ago at first wasn't very noticeable but
it slowly gets worse.

see attached video, i recorded this when it was worst. sitting in the back seat, and just gently pushing the
top of the seat.

Its driving me nuts :( and wondering if anyone has had the same issue and a remedy ?

I will be taking it back to the dealership either way.

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