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Recently got an Audi Q2 1.0 with 125.000km on it. Car drove fine for about 2 weeks and now I have been having intermittent problems with the gearbox.
At first, the gear changes were clunky but that was fixed by a reset. Once I was driving and I smelt something burning and the car wasn't changing gears in automatic mode, but that went away after about a minute.
Today I was driving on an open road and decided to put it into manual and launch. Constant slipping, knocking and and jerking in both manual and normal automatic mode, and rpm wont go up even with full throttle, which weirdly went away after I put it into S.
Worried, I took it to a nearby workshop which specializes in german cars. By that time, the issues had gone away, but they still hooked it up to a scanner, which revealed the following codes:

P177B00, Clutch 1 - Tolerance Limit Reached.
P189A00, Clutch 1 - Clearance Too Small.
P177C00, Clutch 2 - Tolerance Limit Reached.

i contacted the previous owner and he told me that the transmission fluid was last changed at 80.000kms.
Since there were no issues with the issues when the mechanic drove it, he concluded that this had occurred because I had been driving the car in reserve. He explained that the fuel pump needs to have a certain pressure, and it's not advisable to drive these cars on low fuel. When i come to think of it, both of these incidents occurred when I was running low on fuel. Thankfully, the errors didn't return when he cleared them, and the car drives fine now, but I'm worried this'll lead to an expensive transmission repair/rebuild.
This is my first Audi and I have to say i'm disappointed. My old civic's CVT never bothered me like this. You'd think they'd equip these cars with better gearboxes.
Have any of you guys encountered these problems with your DSGs? Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.
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