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The Chinese love stretched cars since most prefer to be driven than actually drive themselves.

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As such China's increased demand in long wheelbase vehicles has made Audi consider the introduction of a stretched version of their Q2.

However, unlike most LWB models, if it gets the go-ahead it won't be available solely in China, but will also be sold in India as well, AutoCar reports.

Of significance to India, is the fact that in the absence of the A3 hatch, the Q2 could form Audi's entry point into the brand and thus compete with the Mercedes A-class and the BMW 1-series

A stretched Q2 would certainly look odd but the Q2 could have a lot of potential in India if Audi prices it right. It would be the entry point on the luxury car ladder which would give Audi a crucial advantage over its rivals and help it win back the crown of the number one luxury brand in India.


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