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Daughter has a month old sport which we are very pleased with.
Yesterday it came up with tyre pressure warning. Checked and they're fine.
Question is how do we reset ?
Car refers us to mmi but where are settings accessed?? I expected it to be under "car" (like in my A6), and that's all I can find on internet, but all that's shown when we select that in her car are the drive select settings - should there be more and how do we get to them???
I confess I haven't resorted to the manual yet as car not with me, but I have asked the salesman and he doesn't know either!
Many thanks for any suggestions

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Storing tyre pressure settings
Applies to: vehicles with tyre pressure loss indicator
When you change a tyre or the tyre pressure on
your vehicle, you must confirm the change on the
Before storing the new tyre pressures, check that
the current pressures on all four wheels correspond
to the specified values and adapt the pressures
to the current Load ^>page 306.
• Select the following on the infotainment system:
|MENU| button > Car > left control button
Servicing & checks > Tyre pressure loss indicator
> Store tyre pressures > Yes, store now.
Do not store the tyre pressures if you are driving
with snow chains.
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