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Hi All

I've had my Q2 for about 15 months now and I still think it's a great car. But it has always had an annoying problem with the MMI: the sound settings (e.g. treble, bass, surround) and the various volume settings (sat nav, telephone, etc) keep reverting back to their default settings after a day or so.

I first raised this with the dealer shortly after taking delivery of the car and was told Audi were aware of the problem and they would contact me when a software update was available. When I last spoke to that dealer in December they said there was still no update available.

I took the car for its first service a couple of weeks ago to a different dealer and reported the problem to them. They didn't seem to think there was a problem and seemed very disinterested.

I've not seen any discussion of this issue on this forum, though it is the topic of an on-going thread on the audi-sport forum. From what I can gather, it seems to affect those with the B&O sound system.

I was wondering if anyone else with a Q2 had experienced this issue?

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