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I've sold my Q2 and have a brand new MSS suspension set-up available that I didn't get round to putting on it. Looking for £350, less than half the new price. Transforms the ride, handling and comfort without the need for new dampers or any interference with electronic adjustable dampers.

This kit is very different to lowering springs in how it operates. MSS source their springs from Eibach so everything is OEM quality. The new price is more than £700. For more information read this Drivetribe article featuring a Q2 with MSS springs -

I have MSS kits on my Golf GTI and Golf R (both with DCC) and cars handling has been transformed. The biggest improvement though is to ride comfort. For more information on how the double spring set up works, visit the MSS website

Boxed so can be easily be sent by parcel delivery. Ring Simon 07834 393884
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