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Looking at the rendering, the Q2 appears quite large despite it being a sub-compact crossover model. Interestingly, the long front overhang and the distance between the wheel and the firewall is an indication of the Q2 being based on the MQB platform although not that of the A1 small car.

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Design wise, the Q2 looks relatively rugged compared to the Q3 and Q5. The grille protrudes from the bumper like a nose and also sits high for an Audi Q model. Engine options, meanwhile, could be the standard 2- and 3-litre affair for both petrol and diesel-powered models.

Audi designers will likely aim for a 'baby Q7' look for the Q2. This will be most apparent from the front, where the new model will feature the refreshed hexagonal grille design that appears on the refreshed Q7. The metallic frame now runs out towards the headlights, which will be similarly sharp, and include integrated LED running lights on all models. Top-spec versions are likely to gain a full LED set up. Expect a sharp shoulder line to run the length of the car, while broad wheel arches will help it appear more muscular than the likes of the A1 and A3. Large alloy wheels and a raised ride height will complete the look.


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