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Picking up a 2018 S-Line 1.4 in Ara Blue at the weekend for the missus. Going to go nicely with my TTS!

Looking forward to using this forum and probably have loads of questions.

First off, has anyone put black badges on an Ara Blue Q2 and, if so, show me pics?


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Welcome to the forum, I'm sure your missus will like the car.

Can't help with pictures of black badges on an Ara Blue Q2 but hopefully someone will come along that has done it.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,
Hope the pickup ( or delivery) went ok? your good lady will love the 1.4 engine it's a great choice lively and good on fuel.
Had ours for just over two and a half years now and more a less trouble free, had the petrol flap actuator go quite common on a lot of Audi models apparently but was done under warranty.
We also had the two front leather seat covers replaced at about 1000 miles they looked really saggy you would swear there was a 100,000 miles but they replaced them as well.

I do find the level of trim for a S Line rather mean to be honest, we have the Editio 1 which is based on the SLine and for me the worst part of the car is the cheap plastic door cards, I have had better in a van quite honestly but other than that it's a great little car,
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