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The Audi Q2 is a huge opportunity for Audi Australia to attract new buyers to the brand, according to Audi Australia's boss.

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Speaking with CarAdvice Audi Australia boss, Andrew Doyle, said the company views the Q2 as a natural step for its growing SUV line-up.

"We are absolutely ecstatic about this car coming to Australia, it's going to be a huge opportunity for us - the Australian market place has a love affair with SUVs.

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Doyle believes the Q2 should do as well as or better than the Q3 (averaging 340 sales per month so far in 2016), but as for the price?

"Certainly in terms of a price position it will be an attractive entry point and that's very exciting for us because we believe we can bring people into the Audi brand outside of other brands and options, and then offer them a product lifecycle through the Audi brand.

Time will tell but the Audi Q2 is set to launch down under in December 2016.


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