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Hi, I have a 67 reg Q2 Sport 1.0
On having it's first service last year at a VW garage ( less than half the Audi price) they observed that the front o/s damper was leaking. Taking it back to Audi they were adamant that it was 'misting ' not leaking!
Earlier this year I managed to get a nail in a tyre, so while it was up on the ramp I had a look- still wet ( although it doesn't create a damp spot on the road).
Whilst giving it a good clean during lock down I noticed that the n/s front is now also leaking.
One of my neighbours is a technician at JLR and asked him to take a look - again he said that IT WAS leaking!
He did say that while 'misting' was 'permissable', this was more than acceptable.
At what point will this loss of lubricant affect the safety of the car?
I know it's Audi coming 'The old soldier '
Has anyone else had the same issue?
Please have a look to see if yours is affected as well
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