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Couple of days ago a gearbox fault warning flashed up on my 17 plate tdi quattro (7 speed s tronic). The car went into limp mode and only 2,4,6 and reverse gears were available.
Got it into work (I'm an HGV mechanic) and plugged it into the diagnostic machine and it came up with 'clutch 1 position detection sensor P173500 electrical failure'.
After having a quick look at the box I couldn't see any obvious external sensors or wiring apart from a multi plug that went into a black cover in the front of the box. After clearing the fault the car has been ok up to now, but only done short journeys.
Has anybody else had this problem?
Is it a fairly simple fix or a job for a dealer/ specialist?
Can't really immobilise the car for any length of time at work and not much space at home for a 'gearbox out' job!
Car has done 29k, 14k of that was with me and has been driven carefully in that time.
Any advice or help much appreciated!
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