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Hi all, new to the forum. Looking for help as reaching the end of a very long tether. Not being taken seriously with an issue with is very obviously present.
Audi 2019 q2 purchased in 2020, and from the first day of the car being home have had an intermittent speaker fault - attached video:

Link of folder with many other videos (I have sent about 20 in total)

This has been ongoing for 12 months and unfortunately i'm just not being taken seriously, so heres a list of everything thats been done so far:

- notified derby (dealership purchased from new & approved) june 2020 the day I took the car home / first noticed the issue
booked the car in but they couldn't replicate the fault so couldn't diagnose/fix
booked the car in 2nd time, and they could replicate the fault but couldn't fix because speakers arent showing as blown on their system
then said they could fix because it has to be a phone and/or car software issue.

- took the car back over December / 2nd lockdown to diagnose myself again, booked back in 2021 as the issue still persisted
Derby claimed issue is with my phone (I did explain that I'd tried four different phones)
Took the Q2 to a local garage for a 2nd opinion who said that speakers arent blown and there is no amp so suggests a unit replacement.
I was then told they were ceasing communication because the final decision is that my Audi Q2 software is incompatible with all phones.

- Escalated to Audi UK who agreed to try a different garage, no response from them for a few days then was emailed on behalf of the case manager saying they have spoken to the Derby service manager and have heard their reasons for not fixing the car therefore they will be closing the case.
I called to query this and explained I hadn't yet had a chance to even see a second audi Garage - Booked with Notts (who have been very helpful.)

- Booked in and they thought Dashcam may be causing interference, returned car and removed dash cam
Did own tests without dashcam - issue still persistent, immediately drove to Notts and service manager came out to view and hear fault in real time - booked car in
On day of appointment the issue was persistent - again both service manager and also leading tech heard fault in real time.
Now the car is booked in, Notts can't replicate the issue within their allocated slot time on my car.
Now I'm doing the same dance with Notts as the fault is intermittent and they can't replicate it

Fault & Self diagnosis
Intermittent speaker issue:
- Crackle present with carplay / bluetooth but not present when listening to Radio.
- Intermittently appears, approx 5-6 times per week if doing regular daily driving.
- tried different USB ports same issue.
- Playing via carplay, switch to bluetooth, issue persists
- Tested phones include: iPhone 8, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, Android (tested at Derby garage)
- Tested audio with different sound files and sources e.g. spotify, soundcloud, direct dropbox/google links, apple music
- Car is well within its warranty, notified dealership of this issue the day that the car was taken home.

If anyone can provide any way on how to get a dealership to take this seriously - I've spent months of losing out on a working day, driving to dealerships, different garages, wasted time etc. I've done endless amounts of my own research and own diagnosis. Losing the will a bit - thanks.

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So the crackle is only present when a phone is plugged into USB port? Or does it also happen if phone connects via bluetooth?

My guess would be a fault with the USB distributor block (Part Number 5G0 035 953 D) or the cable between it and the control unit in the glovebox if it only happens when a phone is plugged in. It is almost certainly related to an interference with a power source.

If it happens when bluetooth also it could be due to the module that controls bluetooth (sorry I don't know what controls this)

Are no faults found at all? No static found on the can gateway?

Have you spoken to any independent Audi retrofit specialists? These may have some suggestions. Audi unfortunately only get trained on certain things and if no fault flags up then often don't know where to start looking!

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I was looking for noise issues in the Q2 - my car has an annoying rattle noise coming from the rear side of the car that's not related to the speaker - but did see a fair number of speaker crackling and intermittent faults that sound very similar to your problem. In most cases they refer to the 5F unit that needed to be replaced, although the cost was ridiculous if the car was out of warranty.

One possible option is the National Conciliation Service (01788 538317) who are worth contacting as they deal with disputes between a consumer and a trader (business) that has not been resolved to the consumers satisfaction, or has reached a deadlock.

Good luck.
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