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Hopefully that heading will make more sense to you than me!!

I have an 18 plate automatic Q2 which ive had since Nov last year. 2 days ago whilst drive locally the engine just cut out! Luckily I was only doing about 30 and I was close to a lay-by. The warning system said 'engine start system fault'. The car is with my local Audi garage and they've said the diagnosis 'they think' is as described in heading and so they will replace this switch. But they can't be 100% because they can't recreate the fault! But they're going to replace that part. I'm due to drive 200 miles this weekend & I'm deeply concerned about this happening again on a motorway with far worse consequences.

Has anyone else had this? What would you do? Im tempted to say I don't want the car back until they can guarantee the issue is resolved. It's a very new car to have such a dangerous fault.

Any experience, advice welcome.


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