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The Q2 rides on the same MQB platform as the Golf, so it's not surprising that the front end of the Q2 looks really big. The wheelbase is not as short as that of the A1, which is great if you're looking to carry four people. The only bit that looks shortened is the boot. The rear overhang is less noticeable than on the A3 hatchback, meaning total boot space is around 330 litres.

To drive, the Q2 should feel like a taller version of the A3 3 door version. Certain quarters are adamant that this model could carry over design cues first seen on the latest e-tron Quattro concept - the latter was recently revealed in Frankfurt. It has a low roofline, and overall, the vehicle looks a bit more aggressive. One can assume that some design cues from the latest Q7 and A4 could also make it into this particular model.

A variety of four-cylinder turbocharged engines will be available on the Q2. Even performance models have been planned, namely a 230 horsepower SQ2 (with a GTI engine) and a 300 horsepower RS Q2 (S3 engine). However, most buyers will be happy with the 150 or 190 horsepower 2-litre diesel engine.

Audi said that sales in Europe will start next spring, with North American availability being unknown at this point.
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