Start Stop Deactivation - Memory module

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Start Stop Deactivation - Memory module

Post by aidam11 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:47 pm

Hi all,

most folks who know a thing or two about engines know that there's no way Start/Stop system is beneficial to the engine in your Q2. This applies especially to diesel engines. Cons vary from engine to engine but it's mainly starter motor and battery wear, frequent starts cause momentary poor oil lubrication etc. The only reason SSA is present in nowadays cars are emissions. Yes it does lower your overall emissions score a bit but at what price?

Since I have 1.6TDI in my Q2 and disabling SSA after each start-up is a pain, I have decided to install the SSA memory chip. There is a way to disable it via diagnostics slot but that means losing warranty on the ECU and everything it controls.

The memory chip is a very simple device with three wires going out of it. Ignition current, ground, and SSA (Start/Stop Automatic) wire.
The way it works is: As you turn the ignition key (or push the engine start button), current from the Ignition wire wakes up the module. Chip then waits 4-5 seconds and sends a short signal via a SSA wire, then goes to sleep. This means it basically pushes the SSA disable button for you every time you start the car. You can leave it set to always disable SSA but you can also disable the module itself so it doesn't interfere the SSA.

I bought mine from here: ... 2352078637

There are two types of SSA module - negative or positive (plus / minus version). The Q2 needs the negative / minus version of the module.

Installation instructions

The whole point is to basically attach or t-splice three wires from the module to their respective siblings running in the center console. You don't alter or tweak any existing wiring inside your Q2 - just attach three wires and that's it.

1. Remove the center console


You will need radio removal key.
Insert both in slots as shown in the photo, flat side of the ring facing outwards

Slowly pull the console out. Rotate it to see the clip release on the connector. Disconnect the connector while keeping the release clip pressed.


2. Find correct wires

I have downloaded wiring diagrams from and found out that SSA wire is green/white, ignition-current wire is red/blue and ground - obviously - brown.
Please note this may be different in your Q2 version.
You don't need to know how to read wire diagrams for this job but if you're interested, here's a very good tutorial:



3. Connect SSA module wires


You may need to unwrap the black fabric harness tape a bit to release the tension to get all three wires more easily.

You have multiple options on how to connect wires - solder it, dry-twist threads into each other or use t-tap connectors.
I have used t-tap connectors that you can buy in any electronics store for a few cents. The final result is not as pretty as soldered and heat-sleeved wire connection but it does get the job done in no time and leaves minimal footprint if you ever decide to remove the module from your car.

There's one tricky part though:
Ground and ignition-current wire are both 0.5mm2 thick which is okay for the t-tap connector, however SSA wire is only 0.13mm2 thick. The t-tap connector is for wires from 0.2mm2 thickness upwards. It's therefore a good idea, when closing the t-tap connector with SSA wire, to add a few copper threads from any scrap wire you have at home, just to make up that 0.07mm2 thickness difference and ensure reliable electric current transfer.




4. Put the console back

You may wish to wrap the module in an insulation or fabric tape to potentially prevent weird sounds coming from the dashboard as it hangs in there freely, or even attach it to the harness.

Finally, connect the harness connector back to the console and slowly push it back to the dashboard. Once fully inserted, hold the console with one hand while slowly pulling removal keys out.

Time to enjoy SSA-free drive!

This is how the memory module works in action:

More information

Here's a link to german article where you can verify all the information I've given here. There's also much more detailed description of the SSA memory module and this german chap even tested it for radio interference and electric current consumption - all checks out. ... ktivieren

I really hope this tutorial helps anyone who dislikes start-stop as much as I do.
Feel free to share your thoughts on this or ask any questions!

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Re: Start Stop Deactivation - Memory module

Post by Argyll » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:15 am

Couldn't be clearer - thanks.

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Re: Start Stop Deactivation - Memory module

Post by andy.h » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:41 am

Very interesting, not so bothered about the starter motor and battery as they are usually heavy duty items on cars with stop/start but I do worry about the turbo especially if you have been travelling fast out of town. If you have to stop suddenly the turbo will be very hot and it will suddenly loose its oil supply.
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Re: Start Stop Deactivation - Memory module

Post by pauluk » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:24 pm

Interesting but i'm not sure it's worth doing? Cars now aren't being designed to last like they used to. By the time the SSA causes ill effects the car will probably be close to the scrap heap anyway, if its not already been forced into it by the emissions police.

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Re: Start Stop Deactivation - Memory module

Post by aidam11 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:59 pm

I get your point but don't agree. New cars including 1.6TDI Q2 are Euro6-b and these aren't going to be banned by emissions laws anytime soon.
Secondly, nobody can tell how soon the owner will notice negative effects of SSA on the engine, there are so many variables.

Me personally, I'm not going to take this risk. I'm not demonising SSA - want to keep it on - great - your choice. It's just that I'm not buying this positive buzz around SSA at all. And i also know it hurts the TDI. This tutorial I put together is the easiest way to get rid of this system for those who are interested but maybe were not aware of this memory module option.

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