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Fuel flap

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 1:18 pm
by mr c
Hi guys first fault with the car today unable to open fuel flap, read the manual for manual release inside the boot still no joy any thoughts ? don’t know what the position is with audi repairs as it’s under warranty

Re: Fuel flap

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 6:46 pm
by ormesome
If you are in the U.K. then call out Audi Assist if you are nearly out of fuel and get them to find the manual release. If you are ok for fuel at the mo then go in to your Audi dealer and get it booked in. The A3 has a fault with its filer cap release part, mine broke twice! perhaps this is the same with the Q2, not sure but either way if you have warranty then I wouldnt worry.

Re: Fuel flap

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 7:25 pm
by mr c
Thanks for the reply, we’re all right four fuel at the minute. I rang the Audi dealer and a really helpful guy informed me that they are not opening until the 26th of this month so he booked me in for that date along with a curtesy car.
He told me to ring Audi assist in the mean time as a stop gap and was told to tell him to leave the flap a jar not to push it home so it locks me out again.

When he turned up it was the AA it varies apparently, His first words were best to take it to Audi before he had even looked at it.
To be honest he was the most unhelpful person I have ever met he pressed the flap and it didn’t work (there’s a surprise)
I told him I had tried the emergency manual cord but that hadn’t worked he then tried that, you could tell he just couldn’t be arsed so he said the only way was to force it open and I needed to sign a disclaimer, by this time the guy at Audi covering the switchboard would have finished so I declined so he left after spending no more than five minutes and that’s being generous.
If had I paid fo the AA I would have probably rang there head office to tell them how dissatisfied I was.

Been trawling the net for advise and it’s a very common fault on most of the VAG group, one post on I found said to slide a credit card in between gap of the wing and the flap so will give that a go tomorrow which is what I would have thought the AA guy could have tried wouldn’t do any damage but hey ho

Re: Fuel flap

Posted: Sat May 30, 2020 10:43 am
by mr c
Just a quick update; all fixed no charge for the curtesy car which was a new Q3 Sport Auto I must admit I was impressed with the speck of the Q3and the fact it was bigger.
I love the Q2 but legroom in the back is a little restrictive but very rare we have people in the back but may well consider one of these next time round maybe, however I was very surprised at the lack of power, it was the 2.0 DTI diesel our little 14 petrol would leave it for dead.
I know it’s a bigger heavier car but not by that much, the only diesel we have Ever owned was an Astra Sport hatch 1.9 in 2008 and that went like sh.t off a shovel so was somewhat surprised at the performance of this Q3.

The work was carried out at Audi Cardiff which is a lot nearer to me than Hereford, I could not fault Cardiff operating well with the guidelines of the Corona virus very switched on and gave the car an amazing clean inside and out which I wasn’t expecting due to skeleton staffing so well done to them.