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water leaking

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 6:10 pm
by Bugsy000
I took delivery of a new 1.5 tfsi sport about 18 months ago. I posted on here that there was a small pool of water under the rear silencer which goes across the with of the back end. It was seeping and dripping from the offside, furthest from the tailpipes and appeared to be coming from the end weld. dealer could not find anything wrong and the general opinion was a hair line crack in the end weld. So I put a thin wipe of epoxy putty around the weld-problem solved, no drips of water .Last week I bought another Q2 (I love the cars) to replace the sport. The new car is a1.5tfsi s line. Guess what drips of water from the box again but this time from the opposite end (nearest the tailpipes.) Is this normal on a brand new car or am I just unlucky. I have read extensively about "weep" holes but I can't see one or will it cease when I have done a few more miles, at the moment I have done 200. Has anyone experienced this annoyance(rather than a problem)