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MMI Display Flicker

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:12 pm
by djcorn42
Hi, has anyone had any issues with the MMI display screen flickering whilst driving?

Seem to have this issue intermittently, but most noticable in low exterior light conditions, and when the map is being displayed. It's as though it can't make up it's mind whether to stay in daytime mode or swap to night display.

Spoke to dealer about it, didn't seem very interested, said no issues raised elsewhere.

Re: MMI Display Flicker ( Update )

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:19 pm
by djcorn42
Just as an update to my original post, as I didn't get any replies I assume no one else has experience the problem I was getting.

Well just for anyone who is interested or might come across this issue, my problem with flicker on the screen didn't get any better, and probably worse. I eventually booked it in to my local dealer for a check. They had it a day, ran all the diagnostics and found no problem.
I was advised to bring it back should the problem re-occur. Got in the car drove it away, screen started playing up immediately, took it back, and someone came out with me, and actually saw the problem. ( So it wasn't my eyes )

Booked it in again, this time for a few days, for dealer to contact Audi technical dept. New Q3 as courtesy, rang next day told fault found, replacement screen ordered , could be 7-10 days. 2 Days later called car ready for pick up, MMI screen replaced, all good.

So once the fault was found excellent service from Derby Audi, five stars from me. :D