My new q2 2.0 tdi 190

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Re: My new q2 2.0 tdi 190

Post by IanQ2 » Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:28 pm

To remove the gear gaiter you need to pull it upwards, I always start at the long side closest to the gear indication side, pull it inwards then up and it will come out, just work your way around. It is tight but should come out easy enough. To remove the centre piece you want to wrap you need to lift it up from the rear section, again it is tight but its just a push fit. Use a plastic trim tool and slide it under the back edge then pull up. All of the buttons are attached from underneath so you will have to unbolt these to remove everything. The silver gear gaiter trim is clipped in from memory and is a bit fiddly to remove.

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