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Ivor bigun
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Hello from new owner

Post by Ivor bigun » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:29 am

My Q2 S Line Quattro just Arrived at my local Audi today Friday 12/1/18 pick it up Monday Ibis White with Comfort & Sound pack ( B & O sound 14 speakers heated seats advanced front rear parking hill hold assist ) Dual Temp Aircon Privacy Glass Steel Pedals Flat bottom wheel with shift paddles S-Line sport pack 19 inch Y Alloys Sline LED interior light pack Its not a factory order but a ready built car but has most the options I want and I need it now (unforeseen circumstances!)
I will miss the power fold mirrors and reverse camera both which I will retrofit. And the headlight assist which I won’t (too expensive for retro fit) also the oomph! l :D and the drive select exhaust sounds :oops: of the S1 and the heated front screen of the Fords come on Audi offer it It’s cold up here in the North
On the upside the Q2 has the 7 speed flappy paddle auto shift which I couldn’t have on the Audi S1 Competition Also the heated seats which I forgot to add to the Audi S1 as Ford ST 3 leather trim comes with heated seats and I thought Audi leather sports seats did too I was wrong and cold and then the speed limiter which I have had on my last 2 Ford Focus STs brilliant for all the motorway roadworks speed cameras so it is a bit swings and roundabouts for me
It is Replacement for a 6 month old Audi S1 Competition which had all the extras except the heaters in the leather seats (Atemtempted Theft) 2 cars prior to that Focus XT 3s Silver 1st then White last
To run alongside our second car Audi TT S Line Black Quattro Roadster also Ibis White all the trimmings except Magnet Ride
I chose the Q2 as I have one as a loan car and my wife loves it she says she can get in with out having to put a hand on the floor when parked along side a kerb :!: :roll: :lol: the loan car is the 1.4 cylinder on demand Q2 Sport in Ibis White The one I chose is to the same value as my ex S1 so no money is changing hands lol with all the discounts (I would have liked the Edition 1 otherwise)
And I think I have now accepted I am a little too old to be a boy racer unless of course there is a SQ2 or even RSQ2 in the pipeline
I did consider the Ford Focus RS as that too is AWD but so many reports of blown heads and gaskets at 6000 mile put me off even though there is a price match
Oh and I’m Ivor Bigun on all the forums :D Audi and Ford as I drive Huge Truck carrying abnormal loads which is where my mate started calling my Ivor Bigun in the 80s as there was a Doc Cox BBC that’s life presenters who did a rude song yes I know I’m giving my age away a little :oops:
I have the VCDS and do tweak some options on my Audi’s live in Yorkshire
Enough for now about me and the Q2

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Re: Hello from new owner

Post by A7YJJ » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:54 pm

Hi Ivor, welcome to the forum :) Hope you'll enjoy your Q2, as much as many members on here enjoy theirs. There does indeed appear to be an SQ2 in the pipelines, but can't confirm this.

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