A few months of owing my Q2

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A few months of owing my Q2

Post by Geh2020 » Wed Jul 22, 2020 8:37 am


I purchased my Q2 in March after part exchanging my A1 Black Edition, and although a great car, the ride quality was driving me insane!

After two months of not using the car much, I’ve now been out and about a lot more, so getting to understand the car. The ride, even on 19” wheels, is so much better than the A1 and I don’t have to take evasive action every time I see a pot hole or bump in the road. The steering is good, and I prefer the flat bottomed steering wheel on the BE version. It looks great and I’ve found it easier to use, so I would definitely recommend it if you are buying a model without this as the cost to add this isn’t that much.

The controls and instruments are clear, easy to use, and the overall quality is a lot better than the new Audi A1 I looked at. Will be interesting to see what happens to quality when Audi face lift the Q2! I have climate control, and again an option I would recommend as it keeps the temperature set without the need to fiddle with any controls.

Reversing I find a real pain as the rear quarter panel blocks the view, so a lot of my reversing is done using the mirrors and parking sensors. I’ve looked at retro fitting a reversing camera, so when funds allow, will consider this. There is a factory package I could have added that includes a camera, but at £1195 I didn’t bother. With hindsight (no pun intended), that may have been a mistake.

Space inside is adequate, and so far rear passengers haven’t complained about any lack of knee room or the ride, so that’s a bonus. Seats are comfortable and no aches or pains after long journeys.

The car is quick enough for me, and using sport mode on the DSG box to get past slower vehicles Is useful. Brakes are good, and so far I’ve not tested the pre sense, but good to know it’s there.

No spare wheel with the car - my fault as I should have added that - so I purchased one from ‘The Wheelshop’ complete with jack, and bought the polystyrene boot compartment and wheel securing bolt from my local Audi dealer.

A question I would like answering is who designed the menus on the MMI system! I still find I’m bouncing around different screens to change something that should be simple. I guess it’s time to get the handbook out again!

I signed up for the ‘Audi Complete‘ service and maintenance package that costs £20 per month over three years. This covers all the servicing of the car, and maintenance parts like brakes, discs, pads, wipers, a/c service, brake fluid change, and adjustments. As I drive under 10k miles a year the car is set on the fixed service regime, so I get two minor and one major service over the three years. This worked out a better deal than the Audi service plan that only includes two services (a minor and a major service), so I would have to pay for a third service myself in year 3. With Complete I get the added benefit of all three services and the extra items listed above paid for.

I have Carista (I’m a beta user) to customise the car, but it still need more development for the Q2, so Carista are working on this. They are short of data from the Q2 so if anyone is keen to help out, get in touch with them.

The paintwork is great, but to keep it looking great, the car is booked in for ceramic coating that will include the wheels and glass.

My Audi dealer is good, and isn’t the usual glitz and glamor dealership with posh coffee, soft music, and sales people that look 15 years old! The service department is excellent, and I can say that with confidence as they’ve looked after my four previous Audi’s and always delivered on what they promise.

In summary, the Q2 looks good, drives well, comfortable, and so far living up to my expectations, so I hope to have many happy and trouble free miles driving it.
2020 Q2 35 tfsi Black Edition s-tronic, Mythos Black and climate control.

Mods so far using Carista, needle sweep on startup.

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Re: A few months of owing my Q2

Post by ormesome » Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:07 pm

Nice little write-up. Glad you are happy with your Q2. Just to let you know that VAG CAR CODING do the rearview camera, HQ Highline one fore 450 i think with the installation. might be cheaper now. Alex, the guy who runs VAG CC, has quite a good reputation and uses Audi Sport.net quite a bit. I intend to get a few things done when I'm back in the UK soon.

Carista is good, used it on my A3 before swapping to the Q2. Be careful with the beta, it changes a few things that aren't tested but seems like the reversal is easy. Not had any issues with normal non-beta versions though. Mirro Dip, needle sweep and others are the most popular.

You will soon work out the MMI, super easy to use once you get the hang of it
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Re: A few months of owing my Q2

Post by andy.h » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:57 pm

Good write up, I agree the car is quick enough for me but personalty I don't use the sport mode, I prefer to use the paddles when I'm overtaking.

Funny you say about having to use the handbook, I have an illness that's meant I've been stuck in my house for most of the last four months, when I started using my car again I had to look up the manual as I could not remember how to do some things.
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