Audi Sat-Nav - wild goose chase routes

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Audi Sat-Nav - wild goose chase routes

Post by Kraken » Fri Dec 11, 2020 4:10 pm

Not strictly Q2 specific... but it happened to me in my Q2 last night... (Tech Pack Sat Nav)

Has anyone on here had the built-in Audi Sat Nav send you on a wild goose chase / bizarre routing on a journey for no apparent reason? Last night I set off from my house to my parents house (so a route I know well). As I was cutting it fine for dinner, I set their address as the destination to see when it thought I would arrive. The time it gave was 25mins longer than I knew it would take.

I carried on and the Sat Nav was wanting to take me on a wierd route, including turns in the wrong direction / a bizarre detour for no reason. I carried on, on my normal route and there was no traffic, not even any permanent roadworks that it may have picked up as a possible delay. In the end the journey took it's normal time.

I had a similar occurrence on my old A3 - again Tech Pack Sat Nav. Was travelling from Center Parcs Longleat to home. Selected navigate to home address when in the Longleat carpark and it said a journey of 2h45m (about right). I stupidly followed the sat-nav guidance on this occasion & the journey took 5hrs. This included going off motorways, onto A and B roads, including some narrow single-lane B roads.

Maybe it's time to start using Waze on the iPhone as a backup to the Audi system?

As an aside, I know of one fairly large Chauffeur company who operate a fleet of Mercedes vehicles - they all have a TomTom sat-nav in the car in addition to the built-in Mercedes one.

Has anyone else had problems?

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Re: Audi Sat-Nav - wild goose chase routes

Post by winslow990 » Fri Dec 11, 2020 10:55 pm

My SQ2 has had the odd "Blonde" moment when it has proposed something I know is stupid.
I have ignored them all but a couple I looked at did seem to possibly relate roads that have been downgraded A roads
that it does not want you too use.
Where I live it does not like the A3400 which is the path of the old A34 .
It always sends you down the Fosse Way instead (A429)!!!!!!!!!!
It must be something ion the logic programmed into it.

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Re: Audi Sat-Nav - wild goose chase routes

Post by testcard » Sun Dec 13, 2020 8:51 am

I only ever use Waze with CarPlay rather than the Audi satnav and I’ve never had a problem. The app has been upgraded this week to work on CarPlay’s Home Screen.
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Re: Audi Sat-Nav - wild goose chase routes

Post by mr c » Mon Dec 14, 2020 3:50 pm

My guess is this happen a lot but most people including myself assume there is a hold so go along with it, but once I ignored the sat nav whilst travelling on a B road in the country it tried to send me up a very narrow lane I ignored it and soon came across a set of temporary traffic lights with no hold up at all

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Re: Audi Sat-Nav - wild goose chase routes

Post by Delstron » Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:30 am

Tell me about it. In summer we tow a camping trailer and get detoured along some really narrow roads for no reason.

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