Front Wiper Blades Scraping

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Front Wiper Blades Scraping

Post by Phoenix21 » Wed Mar 10, 2021 1:09 pm

Hi All

I wonder if anyone else have had the same problem as me with the car's front wiper blades. My car is just shy of 4 years old and in that time I have changed the wiper blades every year due to incessant scraping noise with the front wipers. It can happen when its raining heavily or just drizzling. It will carry on for a while then will stop for a while and then start again. When I have changed the wiper blades, they would be OK for a couple of weeks and then start. I have followed every advice available on the net, like cleaning the blades regularly, cleaning the windscreen but nothing makes any difference. I have not scrimped on the blades either, they have always been Bosch.

It can be very painful driving with such scraping noise, especially a hearing aid wearer like me. The rear wiper has no such problem. The rear wiper in my car is still the original one. I am at a loss now as to what to do next.

If anyone else have had similar problem I would love to know whether they have managed to rectify it and how.

Thanks, Stay Safe...

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Re: Front Wiper Blades Scraping

Post by Mark7551 » Wed Mar 10, 2021 7:21 pm

Have you tried to clay bar the screen to remove any build up on it. Also do you use anything like rained as this can cause a dragging effect.

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Re: Front Wiper Blades Scraping

Post by Geh2020 » Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:38 pm


I had trouble for ages on my A1 with juddering wipers and spent a fortune on all types of blades that were advertised as judder and squeak free! Just about to give up when my local Audi dealer said the wiper arms were slightly bent and needed replacing. He said this is usually caused when they are pulled away from the screen rather than using the ‘park method’ before cleaning. Worth checking as it was only when comparing the arms with the new ones I could see the slight bend.
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