Oil change schedule

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Oil change schedule

Post by Craig5790 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:07 pm

I'm curious to know how long your Q2 went between needing its first and second long life oil change?

My Q2 is on the flexible service schedule. It had its first inspection/oil change at 19000 miles and recently the MMI showed it was due for another oil change (after an additional 10000 miles, which seemed right).

I used Arnold Clark for the first service to avoid dealer prices and did the same this time. Only this time they were an absolute joke.

When I picked my car up, I was told they hadn't changed the oil, just topped it up and cleared the oil change interval. That's it. I could have done that myself! No explanation as to why they had simply ignored my booking for an oil change...

Needles to say I will not be using them again and I'm now going to have to book it in elsewhere to get the oil replaced.

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Re: Oil change schedule

Post by Smudge27 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:51 am

Just had my first oil change service yesterday based on time as the car was two years old from when received at dealership. The car was not registered until the end of the following May and I purchased it at the end of July with just 150 miles on it. Have a service pack but now found out it does not cover everything which was my understanding when it was sold to me. Hence air conditioning not due to next July @ £130! Apparently the brake oil changes are not covered either which I consider normal servicing work, buyer beware.
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