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2019 Model Q2

Post by Tam1 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:42 am

When it arrives, I will have a 2019 Model Q2.

When it arrives is the question.

I placed my order back in June. The new emission test requirements have delayed the order. I have had to get assurances that my current financial arrangements ( with Audi Finance ) will remain until I get the new Q2. Equally, I have been assured that there will be no changes to the original deal that was made with Audi, back in June - and Audi Assurance cover will be extended. I'm happy(ish) to wait, given the assurances.

It has me wondering - how many other people must be waiting for the 2019 Audi production.

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Re: 2019 Model Q2

Post by Ramage » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:03 pm

Picked up mine as it was in stock. However the wife’s A3 cab was sold by another dealership after we ordered it and put down a deposit. They then told us it would be 10-12 weeks. Six weeks in and the factory haven’t even accepted the order yet. I’m not holding out much hope to see it before early 19. Lie after lie from Oxford Audi.
Good luck with it though it’s a great car.


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Re: 2019 Model Q2

Post by Banter » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:58 pm

I ordered my Q2 1.4 TFSi Sport back mid July and my local dealer mentioned a slight delay (wanting a Sept del) to Oct. 3 months on, the sales person has no clue when the car will come. Mine is S-tronic with a number of options.

I phoned Audi UK in September and was informed that the factory was still finishing off 2018MY orders and the factory was yet to commence on 2019MY, as the spec was not finalised.

I have now rung Audi UK in Oct and they are not totally sure of when production of 2019MY will commence, as they await a weekly update from Germany, I am sensing from the conversation it will be soon.

One update they gave me was my car will have 1.5TFSi engine and powered tailgate would be std.

I am not sure why WLTP standards have delayed production, as they knew for a long while what they needed to do for the new certification.

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